We have done our own research in the industry and have found that in most cases where clients try to control their own supply chain including the customs clearing of their cargo they lose focus on their core business which is to buy and sell goods.

The expertise in the logistics supply chain remains with the 3rd party service providers like ourselves who can offer a full supply chain solution on door to door basis using our approved transport and warehouses and are more familiar with the changing industry and regulations.

When it comes to Customs Clearing expertise this field is of prime importance and if not done correctly could cost the importer financially due to penalties that may be imposed for non-conformance, storage’s for late clearances and more importantly loss of sales due to late receipt of stock.

In most cases errors are not picked up by the company and they continue to lose money by paying unnecessary charges which are usually irrecoverable.

We as your clearing and forwarding agent are a member of the South African Association of Freight Forwarders (SAAFF) and receive notification of any pending changes in customs & shipping – line procedures as well as  SA port developments.

Providing the platform for seamless door to door trade.

Our benefits include experience, networking and qualification:
 Exceptional communication skills regarding international-suppliers
 International order-placement
 Efficient and fast order-processing
 Price negotiation
 Procurement
 Freight forwarding