Taking PITBULL EQUIPMENT’s professional devices to new markets and offering global competition.

PTS puts Cranes & Hydraulics on track for providing worldwide partners and clients with reliable solutions to their weighty problems.

Cranes & Hydraulics has provided high value service solutions to the mining and plant industry in South Africa for over 20 years.

Complete with competent engineers capable of tailoring mining products and designing hydraulic & machining equipment from scratch to suit your needs.

Cranes & Hydraulics has been in the business of creating customized solutions for clients since inception back in 1988.
With over 20 years of experience in the Hydraulic Manufacturing and Services Industry, they are geared to provide solutions for operations both above and below ground.
Custom-made products include the PITBULL 350 low-profile crane, specialized aerial platforms and the RWM Lifting Device designed & created in response to the needs of their clients…

Established in 1988, Cranes & Hydraulics has over two decades’ success in solving challenges of access, lifting and transportation in the industry (and particularly, but not only, in mining).

Cranes and Hydraulics has undertaken rigorous research into ergonomically sound and safe handling of materials and equipment specifically in underground conditions.

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